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Want Online Success & More Site Visitors?

That's what I'm here for...

Website Tools

For website owners and marketers who want insight with a purpose ...

Next Level

We help make websites SUCCESSFUL because of our TAILORED approach ...

Founder Story

In 2011, Jason was the marketing manager at an E-commerce ...

The Numbers

Tools that highlight what matters most within the objective data ...

Website Tools
For website owners and marketers who want insight with a purpose. To increase sales, leads, web traffic, rankings, and conversion lets answer how with our 7 dead-simple to use tools.
website tools

Competitor IQ

Competitor IQ: provides insight and benefits like no one else. The system finds what and where your competition is doing better than you.

... You are now in the position to make a strategic move.

Competitor IQ calculates over 100 different data points to provide opportunities for online growth.

This tailored approach is what guides you to online SUCCESS!

*An Example of a Competitor IQ Analysis Report

Competitor IQ
Take the guesswork out of being #1 Begin A Competitive IQ Analysis
Competitor Intelligence Analysis

XML Sitemap Submission

XML Sitemap Submission:: sends your sitemap.xml to Bing and Google search engines.

Submitting your sitemap encourages search engines to crawl your website structure intelligently and tells it how often it should.

What is a sitemap you ask ...

A sitemap is a file search engines read to learn how to crawl your site. The file provides relational information about the pages of your website.

Don't have a We got you cover head to SITEMAP CREATION.

... You Should Know

You will find many other sites that say they are submitting to other search engines like Yahoo, DuckDuckGo and Ask (SMH).

A clear indication that they don't know what they are doing and should NOT be trusted. These sites, in particular, don't accept sitemaps submissions.

Free Sitemap Submission
Establish your content as the originator before its curated, and seen as duplicate content. Send Sitemap
free sitemap submission

PFFI (Ping For Faster Indexing)

PFFI: is the tool you NEED if your website page is not found in search engines.

... A ping is basically like raising your hand in a school class.

It signals to search engines like Google, Bing, Ask that you have new or updated content.

Why ping your website? To get indexed faster.


Don't perform ping spam!

100's of pings can cause negative effects.

Bursting Bubbles: You will find many "resources" that ping 100's/1000's of sites including ones like blogsearch.google.com (SMH again).

A clear indication that they are not up to date on the industry and you should click the x on their page. Google shut down their blog ping system in early 2018.

*PFFI gets your website 15 pings and that's all you need

Alert search engines about a new or update web page because who wants to wait till crawlers come on their own? Ping URL
ping your website or blog

Broken links Keyword Hunter

Broken links KW Hunter crawls online for broken links on web pages that have the keyword you are interested in.

... You cant rank top 3 without decent backlinks.

Find backlinks that are only relevant to what you want to rank for.

Part of your online success strategy must include SEO

*part being the key take away

Broken links By Keyword
Gain quality backlinks with the DA you need to beat the rest Go Hunt
find broken links by keyword

Website Report and Analytics

Free Website Analysis: Is your site optimized for maximum ROI?
User Experience

Fast, consumable & expected content is the minimum. Data Analyzed: page speed, size, https or not, read time, uniqueness, readability, compressed, cached and safety.

Social Media Stats

Like it or not you need to have a social media presence. Data Analyzed: Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, StumbleUpon shares and Yelp / BBB reviews.

SEO Analysis

Search engine optimization for gaining search traffic. Data Analyzed: Backlinks, errors, indexed or not, optimized, blacklisted, creation and metadata.

Content Analyzer

Content quality is king for SEO, SMM, and Conversions. Data Analyzed: Word count, sentiment, safe search violations, plagiarism score, and errors.

Mobile First

More then half of all website visitors are from mobile. Data Analyzed: Speed score, usability score, AMP, above the fold and formatting.


Do you have the HTML tags for search engines to care? Data Analyzed: XML Sitemap, robots.txt, OG, Twitter cards, schema's, canonical, title, alt's, metas.

... A data-driven approach.

Because the numbers are the only thing that matters.

Free Website Analysis
Audit any page not just the home page like the rest! Perform Site Audit
free website analysis

Website Heatmap

Heatmaps and Click Graphs: The key to optimizing conversions is getting to know where visitors gravitate to and what they click.

... Make informed changes based on data.

Click graph and Heatmaps
Improve call to actions and conversions by fixing what's not working. In Private Beta
website heatmap

Guest Post Finder

Guest Post Finder: Finds websites, blogs, etc, that accept guest post by keywords.

Which highlights your expertise and presents you to a new audience.

...Relevant & credible sites with a better PA then yours.

NEVER reuse content, keyword stuff or have more than one backlink!

Write for the AUDIENCE...

Don't... Don't. Don't guest post for backlinks or search engines.

Guest Post Finder
Position Yourself / website as a thought leader. In Private Beta
find guest post opportunities
Founder of whoranksfor website tools
Founder Jason Mars.
WhoRanksFor.com was founded by this guy --->

Introducing The myth.. the legend...

Just kidding, I'm just a tech geek who loves data and has an eye for the golden nuggets.

What lead to the creation of whoranksfor.com?

When I became an IT Marketing Manager back in 2009 I used spreadsheets, and pieced together from different sources the data I needed.

Which of course took way to much time, and I live by the principle of:

Work smarter NOT harder, because time is the only commodity that you can never get back.

... Not ONE providing all the data efficiently.

digital marketing goal
Aha Moment!

Eventually, I coded a tool that performed ETL to an intranet site.

Then the ever so crafty Jason asked the director of this 3 million dollar company, what's your goal?

His response was more website traffic, I told him no, it's not. Don't...

I thought Ok I'm getting fired...

I explained, a long time ago we wanted to keep our homes clean so

we created a place for garbage.

We WANTED a clean home NOT a garbage can.

Data doesn't lie, but asking the right questions matters the MOST!

  • The site was receiving on avg. 700-1000 visitors a day
  • Problem: Cart abandonment for products 3k and above
  • Optimizing this conversion was the priority and what the director actually wanted.
online sales

Online sales Up 7% within 3 days

How, did you asked?

  • Creating a heatmap allowed me to see where users stopped, allowing me to optimize the design and placement of CTA's.
  • Creating an a/b test gave me the best way of testing verbiage to increase sales by 7% at this point

At this point the owners were so happy with me they praised me in front of the entire company!.

... but I didn't stop there
Another 9% Increase

Users created an account before check out, so those who dropped at this point would receive an automated email within 2 hours.

  • Free Shipping (savings of hundreds)
  • % Off (depending on the profit margin minimum)
  • Worry-Free Guarantee
call to action

Jason. Jason... Jason.....

After growing into 2 different larger companies because the money kept getting better and better,

I realized I was unhappy :(

My passion was in helping smaller businesses that were in competition with the corporate giants.

... So I created WhoRanksFor.com

Next Level
You Must Create Your Path. We provide the tools, you must do the work.
next level marketing

Next Level

WhoRanksFor: aims to personalize your experiences with us, the same way brick and mortars do.

... So I am here for you.

The goal of our tools is for your website too;

  • Outwork
  • Out Strategize
  • Optimize More
  • Outlast

The competition.

*I Know This Formula Works Because I've Succeeded With It, For The Past Decade...

website innovation
Our Innovation Doesn't Stop...

New Tools Will Be Released

to target 6 more areas to help your site on the right path!

  • Persuasion: Selling and conversions
  • Leveraged: Team and proper delegation tracking
  • Guerilla Marketing: Offline marketing channel creator
  • Time Mgmt: One visual explaining where your time is spent
  • Seed Spreader: Analytics on compound networking
  • Market Map: Forecast of what your market needs were, are and possibly going.

The WhoRanksFor Difference

Data provides the info, but YOU need to know what you want to achieve

...to extract those golden nuggets.

Once you have those golden nuggets, set objectives.

Having an objective, change, and time frame leads to key results but you must research what to improve in order to initiate the objective.

Results must be verifiable & measurable.

That's the WhoRanksFor.com value, behind everything we put into our tools.

Ex: Objective increase page speed by .4 secs, Time Frame within 2 days, The Change: minify JS, CSS, compress image sizes, reduce calls and remove white spaces.

*Results are either succeeded or failed, if you failed, go back and make a new change and time frame until you succeed.