Content Word Count

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Content Word Count

The ideal content length of a page is correlated by your industry, keyword and various ranking factors like backlinks to that page. Always analyze your competitors word count to determine where you need to be.

Why Word Count Matters?

  • The right content length based on top performers for the keyword: book bus tickets online, will equate to more backlinks, social shares and time on site or dwell time which leads to better search engine rankings.
  • Pages that improve quality, length and structure against the comp will keep readers engaged taking the site authority from them.

How To Fix Your Word Count Issues

  • Now that you know the AVG word count is 1100, add quality content to your page that is unique. Scrapped and fluffed content will decrease users read time and SERP positions
  • Make it easier to digest by utilizing different forms of media; images, videos, etc.
  • Add multiple call to actions through out the post.
    For example, if you pose a question after 2 paragraphs, put it in a Twitter reply so they can reply there.