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Brand Awareness

Online Growth

By guest posting, you put yourself in front of a new audience where you can display your skills and if you add value, the readers of that website will gladly click on your link to visit your content, and potentially becomes a lead in your funnel. New reach is the only way to grow rapidly on the internet.
As you accumulate guest posts the links back to your website start to grow and search engines love this. As long as the content and website is relevant to your website you will see an increase in search engine rankings after several months
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Do's & Dont's of Blogging

Want To Fail Online? ... of course not
Follow The Golden Rule Structure your post for search engines but write for people.
Don't post on sites that won't link back unless your brand is your name, otherwise what do you get out of the deal?
Do make your guest post is sticky, a story in relation to your expertise. This is not the time for sales. These post should highlight your skills, creating fans and attracting new relationships.
If you can't write this kind of post I suggest you read Contagious: Why Things Catch On that book will show you how to create a post that will keep website visitors coming back for more.

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Blogger Relationships

The More You Know The More You Grow.

No crystal ball needed, you have to get the word out there about you, your company and what you guys are experts in.
The beauty of our search engine is that it takes the guesswork out of blogger outreach which was a pain the in a$$.
There are a few other sites that have 700-1500 blogs on their site, who cares we already have over 10000 blogs.
If Guest Posting Isn't Part of Your Marketing Channel, Someone Else Is Going To Beat You.
Contacting Bloggers

Email Template

This is an art, and in itself deserves an entire blog post but let's skip the jargon and keep it simple.
Your subject should be as simple as 'Guest Posting'
In your email/contact be personal, start with flattery and acknowledgment, bloggers love to feel important. Next, you want to ask a question that provides the answer for them NOT a yes or no, provide an option for a blog post a,b or c and you may not have written the article but they don't need to know this.
email template to use for guest posting

Sample Email Template

For Your Outreach to Bloggers
Subject Line: Guest Posting
Hi [[Name]] I just found your post [[ Insert 1 of Their Blog Post Title]] what an amazing piece.
I know with a blog like this, you must be busy so I'll get straight to the point. I am happy to have found your guest posting link and wanted to tell you about 2 unique blog post I wrote while thinking of your blog. First title and second title, which do you think your audience would prefer?
[[Your Website Name]] only creates a post that add value as you can see here: guest blog post 1 and 2.
I look forward to building our relationship and will wait for your response.
[[Your Name]],
Contact Info: [[Email ]] | [[Phone]] | [[A Social Media Profile]]

Fill in the items within the [[ ]] within a week you'll have many opportunities. The ball is in your court, if you are ready to win and be the online entrepreneur you wish to be, do a search and send out a minimum of 10 emails daily. Prepare a reply to their response by asking for their social media profile where they share it out so you can retweet, reshare and email it to your list. This lets them know you are going to help promote their site.