Digital Marketing

  • What's the difference between digital marketing and SEO?

    Digital marketing encompasses all facets of online marketing such as social media, content, search engine marketing, optimization of CTA's, etc, while search engine optimization (SEO) is strictly related to the performance of your search engine ranking position.

  • Why should we use the Who Ranks For Website Audit instead of others?

    We utilize data-driven results for our audit which explains the differences between your site and others who are ranking in top positions while other audits focus on generic data which doesn't actually give you an indication of what you should focus on.

  • How do I rank for the number one position on search engines?

    There is no one size fit all approach to ranking the top position for a particular keyword, but by using the Who Ranks For Website Audit you'll gain a better understanding of what it takes for that specific keyword.

  • What can I do to become successful online?

    Have a site that works well on all devices and is of value. You must focus on your strengths and be 10x stronger where your competitions drop the ball. Otherwise you will most likely not gain traction.

  • What techniques can I use to increase conversions?

    Conversion optimization is a never ending process and different for every situation, but you can start with the wording and numbers in your call-to-action, try different size buttons, colors and make sure there is a clear CTA with a max of two at any given time. Once your conversion ratio has plateaued focus on making the content simpler and or making the offer more attractive. There are many other things you can try, one of my favorites is A/B testing. Send to a sample of clients different versions of an offer page and the best responding one should be the one you optimize. If you don't have a team, find someone you can ask how would you make this page better, and what do you find confusing. These will defintely improve your conversion rates.

Getting Help

  • How do you go about fixing single items?

    We fix the items according to the agreed upon arrangement. Sometimes this requires FTP access to your server or we could always send you the files in question and work as such.

  • Do you provide monthly SEO or Social Media Marketing services?

    We would be your account manager with one of our partners who performs the service but ensure they are doing what was decided and since we are experts in digital marketing we can request changes before submitted any work to you.

  • Can you help us redesign our website?

    Just as with managed services like SEO or SSM we act as the account manager and have one of our partners provide you with a design but we ensure you get what you wanted or there is no fee.

  • Can you write content for us?

    Yes we can create content for you, we charge per a word and can quote you based on the topic of choice. All content will be unique and optimized with LSA words as well.

  • Can you help us with web hosting providers?

    Absolutely, we can set up your hosting for you if you desire, switch providers or if you know how to do this yourself we always recommend Digital Ocean Web Hosting and by using this link: you'll receive $100 in credit over 60 days for use in Digital Ocean.


  • How do I become a partner?

    We provide a ticket to you where you prove you can handle the expertise you want to be a partner in.

  • What is a ticket?

    A ticket is a task with an associated timeline and target that needs to be completed. Once the ticket is submitted we review the submission to ensure professionalism and the target was completed as requested.

  • How are clients managed?

    We provide a sheet that must be filled out for all managed services that we review just like a ticket before we submit and review with the client. We act as the account manager.

  • How will I get paid?

    It's your choice but standard is paypal or crypto currencies. But whatever we agree to is how it will be.

  • When do I get paid?

    Once the client approves the ticket or sheet if its a managed service we release the funds immediately. If the client isn't happy you must fix the issue at hand, if this becomes a trend amongst your work and we feel you are not living up to your duty we will not use you as a partner after a certain amount of times of dissatisfied clients. We want the best for our clients and know what it takes as everyone on the WhoRanksFor team has been in a web dev or digital marketing role in some facet for over 5 years and continue to provide services in some fashion.